Interactive Phonics Fun

Dive into the world of phonics with our adorable cartoon rabbit guide! Every lesson is an adventure with engaging sounds and actions, props, and costumes, all designed to make learning to read an enjoyable journey for your young learners.

Structured Phonics Development

Our course, based on the tried-and-true Jolly Phonics curriculum, offers a systematic pathway to reading mastery. Each lesson reinforces previous knowledge, gradually building up the fundamental skills needed for confident blending and reading.

Self-Reliant Reading

Our course is designed to inspire self-reliance in young readers. By following our lessons, students naturally start blending and reading words, fostering a sense of achievement and promoting a sustained interest in reading.

Enriched Learning Experience

Our course doesn't stop at the videos. We offer a range of supplemental resources that complement our lessons, providing your child with ample opportunities for practice and reinforcement. The journey towards reading fluency is made more engaging and effective with these bonus tools.